Island Golf

From amateur to professional, from mini golf to 18 holes, all are welcomed to acclaimed world’s most beautiful golf course with unbelievable views on Koh Samui. Don’t get distracted by the amazing views above the hills, you may lose your swing. At Santiburi Samui Golf Country Club and Bophut Hills Golf Club.

Island Wedding

Break away from church or hotel weddings, Koh Samui has got the best natural scenario for your big day. Exchanging vows alongside with the gently crushing waves. With a touch of Thai style, you can have traditional Thai dancing or even an elephant as a part of your wedding day. Everything from the catering to photographers to record the time of your life is neatly organized by the professional team of wedding planners.


Whether to celebrate the beginning of your marriage or your anniversary, Koh Samui could be the paradise you would never forget. With numbers of romantic resorts and hotels that offer special treats for couples from sparkling wine to spa treatments, they really know how to indulge two people sharing one soul. Private candle lit dinner for two on the serene beach or an ocean view from the top of the hills, take your pick and Koh Samui will make your celebration last forever.

Family Fun

If you’re having your children on holiday here in Thailand, do not be worried. Thai people adore kids, everybody just want to play with them. Lucky for Samui, most of our beaches are quite safe for them. With nice, warm and calm water that compliments the white sand, these shallow beaches are suitable for toddlers. The area of Maenam and Bophut where family hotels and resorts are situated, every family member can enjoy cool breeze under the coconut shade. There are aquarium, zoo, farm and garden for your kids to explore other creatures. While they get to know new friends like Thai elephants and Siamese tigers, you can capture their youth on photographs for your memories. If you need any help looking after your babies, certain accommodations can provide babysitting service.


The first thing you’ll notice about Thai culture is ‘Wai’. We always greet one another by doing the ‘Wai’, it shows respect and sometimes thankfulness once the person has given you a favor. First settlers on Koh Samui were fishermen, then as the island is an evergreen rain-forest, the soil is fertile fitting for plantation. The majority plantation goes to coconut. As it is the island’s industrial product, coconut trees has become Samui’s signature. Samui people are easy-going, friendly as to farm life, no surprises if you spot a buffalo on the field eating grass, they are kept for buffalo fighting, a hobby during Samui people’s spare time. Along the not so busy area like Chaweng or Bophut, some old-style Samui houses can be seen, traditional southern Thai-style house is a one level narrow house with all the rooms on the same side, allowing the wind blow throughout the building to cool down the heat.

Samui Eco-tourism

Similar to other tourist destinations in Thailand, the business is growing fast that means we are using up our natural resources. Koh Samui has recently joined the Green Island Project to encourage the sustainable tourism and raise awareness of all the environmental problems. As a tourist, a little thing like to not littering will help a lot for trash management of the island, to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth will save a lot amount of freshwater on the island, etc.

More Eco-touristic attractions such as bicycle trail though fruit orchards are being created to draw people in, not only it helps lower the carbon footprint, it also expand the lifestyle and Samui traditional way of life.

Samui Spa

Koh Samui is well-known for its remarkable spa treatments. It is listed as one of the top international spa destinations. In every area, founded spa resort or health sanctuary where you can check in to their well-designed program that help cleanse and soothe your system. Or if you prefer smaller treat to your body, a day spa would definitely melt your stress away. Each place has got their own signature treatments that are suitable for different symptoms each customer has. it is considered to be an alternation medical attention to those who try to avoid taking medicines.